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Masterwork Guide

Post by Dignity on Mon Nov 09, 2015 12:20 pm

Masterworking allows you to make items that could originally be enchanted to only +9, be able to reach +12.

Masterworking requires three things.
(1) Masterworking Scrolls
(2) Identification Scrolls
(3) Masterwork Eligible Item

(1)Masterworking Scrolls

There are three main types of masterworking scrolls.
They are in order from least to most effective;

(A) Master Enigmatic Scroll
(B) Blessed Enigmatic Scroll
(C) Noble Blessed Enigmatic Scroll

(2) Identification Scrolls

There is only one identification scroll that is compatible with the three main mw scrolls.
They are called intricate identification scrolls.

(A) They can be bought at any merchant

(3) Masterwork Eligible Item

(A) It will say on the item whether it is masterworkable or not.
(B) The kinds of gear that are worth masterworking are; Wroth, Schisma, vm4, vm5.
Masterworking gears below that tier is not suggested.
(C) Idoneal and Fulminate armor cannot be enchanted and therefore masterworked.


Extra Information

.Each time you use an identification scroll on an item affected by a masterwork scroll, the rolls change
.The rolls can be changed if they have a refresh sign to the right of them
.Every time you use a masterwork scroll, the base stat multiplier of a weapon changes
.The multiplier can be either 1%, 2%, or 3%.

Masterwork 3% Calculator

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