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Post by Frozenheart on Mon Oct 19, 2015 2:12 pm

Southern Arun Vistas

1. ”Oblivion Vista”
Discovered a climbing point in the northeast of Crescentia

2. ”Vista: Islands Two”
Discovered a climbing point in the west of Azarel’s Labyrinth.

3. ”Vista Mix”
Discovered a climbing point east of the Old Mine Trail (Chebika).
Start your climbing here.

And try to go to another side of the mountain in to the left side.



Southern Shara Vistas

1. ”Jewel of the Desert Vista”
Port to Tria and go right where I'm. Start climbing from this mountain. After this tree you will see a trunk at the right side and a mountain's top at the left jump between them up and up and you will see a sky of Allemantheia with its huge stone gates and another mountain at the left side from these. You don't need a left one. Turn your camera to the right and continue climbing the same mountain you are on!

2. ”Waterfall Vista”
Discovered a climbing point southwest of Tria near the waterfall .

Here you start to climb up the mountain!

3. ”Bird’s Eye View”
Discovered a climbing point in the north of Frigid Vigil ( Where the bird statue is)

Backs view

done! Bird's are here!


Northern Shara Vistas

1. ”Kaiator Vista”
The Start climbing point is at Habere's side of the mountain. Port there and let's go!

And then you will see those mountains! Climb up by that direction.

From the last point move abit to the right top of mountain.

and jump down carefully to the left!

2. ”Susurrus Vista”
Discovered a climbing point near Dakonan Overwatch (Dragonfall)

3. ”Argon Vista”
Discovered a climbing point in the south Tirkai Forest (Pathfinder Post)
How to climb up to there.

Well done


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