Case 1: Rvca.Electric / Scammer

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Case 1: Rvca.Electric / Scammer

Post by Frozenheart on Sun Oct 18, 2015 3:54 pm

Reported Member: Rvca.Electric / Gunner / 65
Case: Scamming of Golds and Materials

---------------------------[ Player Report ]-----------------------------
Name: Main: Shiiina/ Alt: Inori.Mica/ Alt: Artemis.Spark
Class: (Inori.Mica) Elin- Lancer, Lv.65
Position: Guildmaster
Guild: Flight
Lodged: 10.30am (GMT+Cool, 17th October 2015

Rvca. Electric (hereafter referred as Rvca) allegedly made a deal with Sarenity, guild member of Flight on a lucrative investment (Reported: 200k gold) for Lucid weapon and armour. Sarenity, supposing to be Rvca's old friend loaned some gold for the investment which Rvca has promised to pay back. After the loan transaction was completed, Rvca blocked Sarenity from contact. Subsequently, the guildmaster of Flight tried negotiating with Rvca but was also barred from contacting by Rvca. The loan was reportedly funded by both the guildmaster, and Sarenity.

---------------------------[ Legal  Actions ]-----------------------------


-------------------------[ Verdict / Decision ]---------------------------
The overwhelming evidence against Rvca.Electric resulted in expulsion from guild.
(note: before the member could be kicked, he left guild.)

Please be advised that Rvca.Electric is no longer affiliated with Valkyrie in any way.


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