Case 2: Akamie / Scammer, Beggar, Guild abuser

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Case 2: Akamie / Scammer, Beggar, Guild abuser

Post by Dignity on Tue Oct 27, 2015 6:50 pm

Reported Member: Akamie
Case: Scamming of Gold and Enchanting Materials, Abusing and Coercing fellow guild members

(Investigation completed)  
---------------------------[ Player Report ]-----------------------------
Name: Main: Lil.Sunshine/ Alt: Bunnysdrop/ Alt: Bunnydrop
Identification: Elin- Reaper, Lv.65
Position: Guild Officer
Guild: Valkyrie
Lodged: 10:43am GMT -8, 27th October 2015
People Involved: Invaderziff, Lil.Sunshine, Fieryblood, Crazy.Killer, Akamie
Akamie (hereafter referred as "perpetrator") allegedly borrowed money from fellow guildmate, "Crazy.Killer/Mashed.Potato". After having borrowed this money, the perpetrator refused to make payment (Reported: 2000 gold) and left the guild, but not before attempting to and succeeding in obtaining more valuables absent intent to repay loaners. Crazy.Killer, Fieryblood, and possibly other members, with the belief that they should help their fellow guild members, sent Akamie valuables, and other forms of currency such as 79 tier 7 alkahests and gold. After said valuables/currency were given, the perpetrator continued to try and extort more money from members and even tried to request the money in the guild bank until some fed up members stated that although they were open to helping the perpetrator, there was only so much they could do without inconveniencing themselves and suggested that the perpetrator should try to build themselves up from the ground rather than accumulating wealth by begging, etc. It should also be noted that the guild members who gave what they could were unfamiliar with the perpetrator and were not sure if their investments would come to fruition and the perpetrator would indeed pay them back. After learning that there was nothing more to be extorted from the guild, the perpetrator left the guild, possibly in search of new prey.  

---------------------------[ Additional information]-----------------------------


-------------------------[ Verdict / Decision ]---------------------------
The accused left the guild "Valkyrie" of their own volition.

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