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MMO/TERA Glossary

Post by Dignity on Tue Nov 17, 2015 4:07 pm

Auto Attack- the very first attack you get which attacks "automatically" when you hold it
Alli- Alliance
AOE- Area of effect
Aggro- the unit of measurement that gauges how likely a monster is going to attack you
Alt- Alternate character
Adds- mobs

BAM- Big Ass Monster
BM- Bad Mannered/Bad Manners
BoE- Bind on equip
BoP- Bind on pickup

Cleanse- Dispelling of harmful effects (purple health bar)
CCB- Complete Crystalbind
CD- Cooldown
CC- Crowd Control
Crit- Critical hit

DC- Disconnect
DC King- Frozenheart
D- short for DPS (role)
DPS- Damage Per Second
Deeps- DPS
Dailies- Quests that you can only do on a daily basis
Dung/Dng- dungeon
Debuff- detrimental effect applied to the victim of a debuffing skill or attack
DoT- Damage over time
DDOS- Distributed Denial of Service

EU- Enlightened Union (or europe)

FTC- Free Traders Collective
Feeding- Giving another person kills or points on purpose
FOD- Fodder, items that serve only the purpose of being dismantled into feedstock
Farm- To repeat a task over and over

GvG- Guild vs Guild
Gank- Theft, killing another player (2 meanings)
GM- Guild Master, Alternatively Game Master
Grind- To repeat a task over and over
GF- Good Fight

H- short for healer (role)
HM- Hard Mode (Scroll down to NM for explanation)

Iframe- Invincibility frames (Certain skills make you invincible while using them)
Imba- Imbalanced (OP)
Instance- Everything inside an instance does not exist in the open world meaning that only you and the others in your group can interact with that specific instance
IO- Iron Order


KS- Killsteal
Kite- To have a monster or monsters follow you without engaging in combat

L>- Looking for
LFG- Looking For Group

MWA- Masterwork Alkahest
MES- Master Enigmatic Scroll
Melee- Attacks or skills that can only be used at close distance, A class that uses skills at a close distance (Warrior)
Min/max- To optimize to the point where each little thing is perfect
Mob- Monster
Mule- A character that holds all your items because your main character or bank doesn't have enough space

NM- Normal mode (Anything ending in nm is a dungeon on normal mode. Bathysmal Rise Normal Mode ="BRNM")
Ninja- Someone who steals loot or the act of stealing loot that wasn't rightfully yours
Nuke- A large amount of damage
NPC- Non-Playable Character

OP- Overpowered

PvE- Player versus Environment
PvP- Player versus Player
PUG- Pick up Group (party that is made of random people through instance matching)
Premade- a group that was established before entering an instance (usually better than Pick up Groups)
PK- Player kill
Proc- Programmed Random Occurence
Port- Teleport
Power Level- To level in a manner that was not intended but accumulates levels ver rapidly

QQ- Crying eyes
Queue/Q- to sign up for something, usually instance matching

R>- Recruiting
Ranged- Attacks or skills that can be used at a distance, A class that uses skills at a distance (Archer)
RNG- Random Number Generator
Rez/Res/Resu- Resurrect
Roots- To immobilize someone

SS- Screenshot
Stun- to immobilize someone
Stagger- not quite stunning but interrupting a person for a split second (If they are using a casting or charging skill, it will be interrupted)
Silence- to disable someone from using skills
Sleep- to immobilize someone

T- short for tank (role)
Tele- Teleport
Trap- A trap player or party is a person or group bound to fail because they are either unskilled or undergeared



WTB- Want to buy
WTS- Want to sell
WTT- Want to trade
Wipe- for an entire group to die




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