[Raid]Akeron's Inferno Normal Mode (Full Fulminate)

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[Raid]Akeron's Inferno Normal Mode (Full Fulminate)

Post by Dignity on Sat Nov 07, 2015 12:56 am

Mini Boss: Dracoloth & mobs


Any corner

Noteworthy Attacks:

Diglett- He's like Diglett. He digs under ground a lot and pops up out of nowhere. This makes it hard for melee and sustained dps to deal with this guy. It's basically whack-a-mole.

First Boss: Fimbrilisk (Drops shoes)


Any corner. You can't really position a fimbrilisk...

Noteworthy Attacks:

Shield Phase- He runs away slowly with a transparent orange shield surrounding him which you need to break unless you want the boss to get buffed.

Second Boss: Magnarox (Drops armor)

Godbinder- On one side of the room, there's Magnarox, on the other there's a giant sword called the godbinder. Waves of mobs will continually spawn on either side of the godbinder and attempt to attack it. You must protect the godbinder or it will wipe the raid when it reaches 0 health.


1. Either corner on the side of the room he spawns in. (You can see through all the corners)

2. Alternatively, you can tank this boss at one of the corners at the godbinder although people will need to focus on enthralled more actively because they might spawn right next to the tank and people need to watch their aoes and take care not to hit the godbinder itself.

Noteworthy Attacks:

Gesundheit- he sneezes fire in front of him repeatedly while lifting his butt into the air

Bey-Blade- He spins around like a top doing massive damage (insanely large attack radius)

Eruption- He shoots molten lava from the volcano on his back (red aoe circles)

Flamethrower- He shoots flames at whoever is in front of him similar to fangspawn

Enthralled- The Godbinder will periodically summon enthralled silver mobs which have special attacks that can cause a team to wipe. It is the duty of the dps who are at the boss to take care of the enthralled as they will ignore the godbinder and make their way over to magnarox.

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Third Boss: Tentacle Monster (Drops gloves)


Anywhere (This boss doesn't push the tank back at all so you can maintain positioning anywhere)

Noteworthy Attacks:

Lightning Storm- red aoe circles everywhere. does considerable damage.

Confusion- The boss will use an aoe debuff that makes your movement controls do the opposite thing. (W moves you back, A moves you right)

Lightning Rod- The boss puts an aoe circle around itself (same as lightning storm but only one circle)

Hall of Fire

There's a long hallway with firetraps that do heavy fixed damage. kaia's shield and go

Fourth Boss: Duras (Drops weapon)


Wall if you can but positioning is kind of useless for this guy

Noteworthy Attacks:

Pyrovores are approaching- Mobs will spawn and cover the 4 vents around the arena
Pyrovores are easy to kill before they reach a vent, but once they reach one, they receive a buff that makes them difficult to kill quickly

"Burn for me"- Lava will flood the arena and to avoid it you need to be on a vent without a pyrovore on it. If you jump at the right moment, the vent does not propel you upwards, but the lava does not damage you meaning you have a few seconds to go and dps the boss. (Certain iframes can be used here such as recall and warp barrier)

"I give you the gift of fire"- Akeron will stun Duras and give him a large aoe circle that does dot damage. Healers can outheal the effects of this so just focus on dps

Diglett v2- he'll go underground and resurface doing massive damage on whoever has aggro and anyone in that immediate vicinity

"Duras! Focus on ___"-dps the orange shield around him to break it and save the targeted person from being stomped on

The floor is lava- A large red circle will appear in front of him and he will put a dot on the ground that inflicts 10k damage whenever you are standing on it. Let the tank reposition

Double doughnut- He will create 2 red circles. First you need to be outside, then inside.


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