Hidden Achievements

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Hidden Achievements

Post by Frozenheart on Fri Oct 16, 2015 6:15 pm

12 Hidden Dungeon Achievements:

Argon Corpus
Behind the elevator after the second boss.

Manaya's Core
As you enter Manaya's core just look behind you and stand in the middle of them.

Sabex Armory
It's on your left in the room after the third boss.

Macellarius Catacombs
Can be found in the room after the first boss. (Note: It might take a while for it to actually apply)

Second boss room on the left side over the ledge.

Ravenous Gorge
Last boss room on your right there is a big egg.

Bathysmal Rise
A big waterfall can be found there. Go take a shower.

Shattered Fleet
After second boss jump down in the water and go to your right. keep on swimming till you see an island.

Vault of Kaprima
First boss room, before exiting the room check out the right side. (Note: It might take a while for it to actually apply)

Akeron's Inferno
Follow the normal route you will see some mercenaries on your left side.

Sky Cruiser Endeavor
First boss room. At the end of the room you will find a stack of books. Press F near it and have fun reading.

After the first boss you will take flight on a dragon bringing you to the second area of the instance.
After you kill a few mobs on the right side of the river you will find some fish.

And that's it! now you have all the hidden achievements and you will get another achievement called
''Putting the Pieces Together'' for completing them all.


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Re: Hidden Achievements

Post by Paramouth on Thu Dec 17, 2015 8:42 am

Forsaken Island

There are 5 hidden Achievements. I start from the Beginning.

If you enter the Dungeon turn around and go into the cave, follow the Road until you see a big Room with Water. You need to jump on the Stones here.
If you did this, you'll find a Treasure Chest, break it, at talk to the Ghost to get back.


Room with Water ( Jump on the Stones you see on the left side):


After the first mobs before you go into the Boss room with 3 x 3 mob groups, there is a grave. You can jump into it. Read the Book to get the Achievement.



If you defeated the First Boss, there is a Hole in the Wall on the Right Side of the Path to the next Boss. Go to the Frog.

The Place where you need to jump down:


After you killed the Mobs there is a House on the right Side. (The House, where the First Mobs are). You need to jump to get in there.



Last Achievement is after the second Boss. Kill the Mobs and in the last House on the Left you'll find it.


Read this:


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