[Raid]Bathysmal Rise Normal Mode (Full idoneal)

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[Raid]Bathysmal Rise Normal Mode (Full idoneal)

Post by Dignity on Sat Nov 07, 2015 12:53 am

First Boss: Mephisis


The tank takes the turtle to the wall with the two caves barricaded by rocks. This is so someone can easily go cover them up using the interact key (F) and avoid the pesky poison.

Noteworthy Attacks:

"The air's too fresh. Let's fix that" - Blows up the rocks and inflicts poison debuff which can be erased by cleanse and the groggy effect by jumping.

Double Head Slam - The turtle will slam his head on the floor 2 times which knocks back/aoe damage

Poison Donut - The turtle creates a donut and to avoid it either hug the turtle or go very far away

Acid Shower - Same as poison donut

Kamara spawn - He spawns some turtle mobs. Kill them.

Body Slam - Your average red eye attack. Block or avoid

Second Boss: Tantibus


Any corner will do. When the tank loses aggro, let them take it back and resume position. If the tank is poisoned, let them cleanse and then reposition.

Noteworthy Attacks:

Random Attacks - There really isn't a precursor to his attacks. He just does whatever he wants whenever he wants so it's hard to know when to avoid/block.

Poison Pool - He chooses one lucky person and puts a poison pool on them that gives them a mana sucking debuff. To cleanse it, go to the pool that's in the middle of the room

Note: Get the hell away from other people when you have this as to not debuff your entire team
Don't put the poison pool inside the cleansing pool...

"Can you control your fear? I doubt it" - He activates fear for 10 seconds unless you knock him down. Iframeable but... it's not really dangerous

Pool Barricade - He puts a barricade around the cleansing pool which can be destroyed so destroy it before you get poisoned if you don't want to be attacking it with basic attacks later.

Get Over Here! - He pulls one person to him and puts an acid pool on them. Iframeable (suggested)

Sucky Sucky - He sucks people in and body slams them. Iframeable

Third Boss: Fulminar


Around the edge of the room

Noteworthy Attacks:

Fulmispheres- Sometimes he throws 3 balls on one person. Stay still so they all land in one place. Other times he just places balls wherever he wants to.

Pizza Slice - Bunch of saw blades go across the arena. Stay on these platforms to remain safe from them.
(He uses this attack at 90, 60, and 30% hp.) Already being near the edge of the room makes accessing these easier.

Fatal Blow - DPS check where you have to dps a certain amount of health within a certain time frame which stuns him or else you will get pushed away relative to your location from Fulminar.

"Gift of Annihilation" - 1. He puts up a barrier around himself. You need to get in within a certain time frame or you die. 2. He proceeds to use three donut attacks. You have to be inside, then outside, then inside again, and then iframe or block(not necessary) the Jump ~> Knockback attack at the end.

Chainsaw Massacre - He puts a large orange circle in front of him and proceeds to chainsaw whatever gets sucked in. Being hit by this attack will give you a debuff that puts a blue circle around you that continually gets larger until disappearing altogether. The blue circle damages others so run away from everyone else if you get this debuff. Iframe or block

"Water rushes into the room" - Water rushes into the room and you need to be inside the circle at the middle of the room. Depending on which side of the circle you are on, you get pushed in that direction. try to get pushed in the direction that he was last because he might use annihilation. The water pushing you can be iframed if you have low hp but it's not recommended if the tank is tanking near the edge of the room.

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