Saleron's Sky Garden (Lvl 53-57)

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Saleron's Sky Garden (Lvl 53-57)

Post by Dignity on Sat Nov 07, 2015 12:20 am

There are multiple platforms with a sort of mini-game where you kill one monster and they all disappear. I'll post their pictures in order here.

First Mini-Game

"Focus your damage on the chanter, which appears by the exit to the next terrace. It spawns new minions until it dies, at which point all the minions and talpids vanish."

Second Mini-Game

Sneak your way past these mobs because they are a waste of time.

Third Mini-Game

"Trysawk, the priest, spawns to the left, midway around the terrace. He’s the key mob here. Once he dies, the others disappear."

Fourth Mini-Game

Initially, only one red mob spawns and this is the key mob that you need to kill in order for all the others to disappear. Later, more identical mobs will spawn and if you have not marked the original, whether you find and kill it is all up to chance.

Fifth Mini-Game

There will be two mobs that spawn and some sort of cylindrical alien dildo in the center of the platform. Kill the alien dildo to complete the mini-game.

Sixth Mini-Game

Sneak your way past these mobs because they are a waste of time.

Seventh Mini-Game

"The dread necarus or nurprimus magus are the key mobs here: kill them and everyone else despawns. Don’t take too long, though, or they summon reinforcements."

Last Boss (How to get to the Bonus Dungeon)

When the last boss gets to 50% hp, a message will appear; "Someone has stolen a key from the Talon of Saleron." The caiman in the above picture will spawn in the middle of the arena and you need to kill him within 10 seconds to make him drop a key.

The key doesn't always drop.
If you do too much dps and skip several percents at once bypassing 50%, the caiman will not spawn so go easy on dps around 50%.

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