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Title of the topic: Case (#): (Name of Offender) / (Offenses)

Reported Member: {color=#FF0000}(same as topic title){/color}         Replace {} with []
Case: {color=#FF0000}(same as topic title){/color}

{u}(Investigation completed/in process){/u}
---------------------------[ Player Report ]-----------------------------
Name: Main: (Main character's name)/ Alt: (Alternate character's name)/ Alt: (Alt char's name)
Identification: (Race)- (Class), (Lv.__)
Position: (Position of victim/ person reporting in their respective guilds) Ex. Guild Master, Guild Member
Guild: (Guild of the person who originally reported) Ex. Valkyrie
Lodged: (10:43am) (GMT -8, 27th October 2015) (Investigation in process/completed)      
People Involved:

(Write a detailed and specific report clearly describing the happenings)
---------------------------[ Additional information]-----------------------------

(Any screenshots, proof, additional information that cannot be clearly explained in words, will go here.)

-------------------------[ Verdict / Decision ]---------------------------
(To be written by moderators and admins)

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